How To Begin a Building Project

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How to begin a Building Project

Starting an Architecture Project

How to Begin a Building Project

At the start of a project, you will want to know if it is possible for your project to be successful. Will it receive planning permission? How much will your project cost? Are there any tax advantages in selecting a particular way of doing it? Is a sloping site okay to build upon? What if there are no services to the building plot you are considering? What time it will take from start to completion? What if your project is unusual for the area? How and where do you begin?

Every architectural project has its purpose. It can be a new home for you and your family, it can be a conversion of an old farm building into a residence perhaps with a swimming pool and a pony stable. Or it could be accommodation for a business such as a shop, an office, marmalade factory, artist studio or a whisky distillery for example. The project’s purpose, together with its schedule of accommodation, site conditions and budget are formed into what architects call as a brief. If you do not have a firm idea of your building brief, your architect will help develop it with you.

During the design process your architect will keep you updated and consult with you as the design develops from concept sketches through to detailed drawings. Depending upon your project, it can be presented in the form of drawings, written descriptions, models or computer simulations. It is always advantageous and beneficial to spend time working closely with your architect in the early stages of a project to ensure all factors have been properly considered to avoid costly alterations once building works start. Your architect will also advise which other professionals are necessary for your building project.