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Project Communication is King

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Project Communication is King

Every successful project is run by a team that communicates well.

A project team is usually a diverse group of people, where often the architect coordinates the team efforts. The team work begins with a clear project brief. The project brief can be compared with a technical passport – it contains vital information about your property: site, its location, neighbourhood, building’s parameters, materials, budget, ownership and your goal.

You goal could be one of the following – to improve your lifestyle, to be closer to your family, to maximise your business’s efficiency and profitability, to best present your property for sale, to start a new life in a new place. In architectural terms the goals will translate into a refurbishment, extension, restoration, new build, conversion, or new interior design. Your architect will help to develop your brief. It is important for you to feel part of the project team.  As your project develops, it will require regular feedback from all parties involved, to enable refinement of the project detail.

There will be meetings, telephone conversations and emails. Your project process may require legal clarification, planning issues and statutory applications, engineering input, selection of contractors, specialist suppliers and advisors. Your architect will design, apply for the necessary permissions, help you to build the project team, prepare questions and collect information that will eventually result in a set of technical drawings. Your input and feedback is vital at all times. The most intensive stage of the project communication is when the construction is about to start on site.

To enable a contractor to prepare costs, all the technical and details and interior finishes should be ready and agreed. Excellent communication and clear understanding of the process helps your project experience be a happy one.